Giftmas Facts...

Giftmas Colors:
blue and orange

Giftmas Religion:

Giftmas Date:
December 25th

Giftmas Inventor: (Me)

Christmas Facts...

December 25th:
Was the Pagen holiday for the winter solstice before the Christians used the day.

Christmas Trees:
Are a Pagen custom for the holiday

Was not born on December 25th


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Giftmas is a holiday made as a sanctuary for those who don't believe the religious aspects Christmas, but enjoy giving gifts on the day or feel pressure to give gifts. Therefore Giftmas is celebrated on December 25th. Giftmas has nothing against Christmas or Christians, it just for people who have different beliefs. Giftmas is simply Christmas for non-Christians. No celebration of church, nativity, or Jesus.

Giftmas was invented by me in 1999, and the official Giftmas web site was created in 2008, right here on Starting another holiday on December 25th has been done before anyway. Everyone knows Jesus was not born on December 25th. December 25th was used since so many Pagens celebrated the winter solstice that day. The church could not get them to stop so they tried to make the day their own holiday. They succeeded very well. Barely nobody celebrates the winter solstice anymore, but Christmas is alive and well.

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